CIS utilises Corex Honeycomb (our sister division) products and offer a range of energy absorbers where aluminium honeycomb are the main energy absorption units. Corex Honeycomb is an aluminium honeycomb core manufacturer, based in the UK, working with industries worldwide. Corex Honeycomb offers products to a wide scope of industries including rail, marine, construction, architecture, automotive, logistics, air conditioning and wind energy.

Meanwhile, years of research and development has resulted in CIS being able to offer bespoke attenuators when the required crush strength is higher than the current aluminium honeycomb range or when the application has specific limitations. We have acquired knowledge and expertise in using advanced materials such as aluminium foams and inversion tubes as well as the products with changeable crush strength such as our tubular energy absorber units. In-house testing facilities are used to evaluate performance of the products and FEA is implemented as an additional validation tool when required.

Here is a schematic comparison between some the different energy absorber units that we have tested.