CIS supports our sister division Cellbond in their collaborations with global leaders and stakeholders in the automotive industry including the development of the LS DYNA FE models for full range of crash test barriers with ARUP as well as a range of RADIOSS FE models working with Altair.

Cellbond Impact Solutions work closely with Cellbond ATD to develop new range of products and their FE models such as CEN headform for helmet testing , Thor 50th test dummy’s rib set and supporting their collaboration with ATD Models and Phitec.

As part of Encocam Group, CIS work closely with and utilise Corex Honeycomb and BCP products and expertise widely. Their wide range of aluminium honeycomb products and composite panels can offer a broad range of solutions for impact energy mitigation. Cellbond Impact Solutions provides the material data for FE models including LS DYNA MAT-126_Modified_HONEYCOMB.